Master of Arts

Master of Arts or M.A. is a Post-Graduate Course. It is, generally, a broad subdivision of culture composed of many expressive disciplines. The field of arts encompasses visual arts, literature, and performing arts, including music, drama, dance, film, related media, etc. A Master of Arts is a course or program in a non-scientific subject and as such provides specialized education. The program is available in various subjects including various languages such as English, Hindi, Regional Languages, Foreign Languages, and various other fields of Arts.

Duration: 2 YearsLevel: Post Graduation
Type: DegreeEligibility : Graduation or Equivalent
Master of Arts Eligibility
  • Aspiring students must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in their respective subjects.
MA Specializations
  • M.A.Tamil Literature                        
  • M.A.English Literature with CA              
  • M.A.Business Economics
  • M.A.Defence Studies
  • M.A.Economics
  • M.A.English Literature               
  • M.A.History  
  • M.A.Human Resource Management                              
  • M.A.Journalism & Mass Communication
  • M.A.Political Science
  • M.A.Public Administration       
MA Employment Areas
  • Business Houses
  • Consultancies
  • Educational Institutes
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Industrial Houses
  • Law Firms
  • Management
  • News & Media
  • Public Works
  • Tourism Industry
MA Job Types
  • Business Consultant
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Lobbyist/Organizer
  • Labor-Management Relations Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Social Worker
  • Teacher & Lecturer